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Gambling Tendency in Italy

Newspapers in Italy publish recently an article about the gambling habits of the citizens, like playing Bingo su Internet in italiano; the main conclusion was that Italians tries to stay away from casinos as a whole and online casinos in particular. Italian population with a computer and an internet connection never gambled in a casino on line before and it does not tend to do it in the future.

Experts can't really explain why is the gambling situation in Italy is so poor, across Europe gambling is popular than ever and online casinos appear all the time, even famous online casinos from around the world created special versions for the European members in different languages.

The experts say it's maybe connected to the way Italian looks at gambling, they see it as something forbidden and dirty. In Italy the connection between gambling and crime is bigger than in ever other country in the world. The mafia runs many small and illegal gambling clubs around Italy and uses the profits for crime.

The schools in Italy run a program against gambling and teach in classes about the danger in gambling and in casinos. The average Italian parent even punishes his kid if he catches him playing card games, even without gambling and they grow without any knowledge in casino online gambling and see it as something dirty. It is very difficult to win casino online bonos under these conditions.

However, many of the UK online casino choices give you the option of playing for fun or practice before you have to place your own money in real bets. This practice options lets you get to know the game and how it works giving you confidence for real money games.

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