Battle of the Sexes

Problem gambling has plagued all sorts of communities in different countries. It even transcends age and gender. Studies show that not only the adults have an addiction to gambling but kids and teenagers as well. What's more is that children are found to be more susceptible to gambling addiction than the adults are.

Furthermore, gambling addiction has been proven to know no gender, In the past, only men are seen to be addicted to gambling. However today, more and more women are joining the statistics of problem gamblers.

But still, there are more men than women who have an addiction to gambling. It was found that for every woman who is a problem gambler, there is an equivalent of two male problem gamblers.

For a long time, gambling has been a world only of men. Why is this? There are several reasons, and one of them is financial in nature. In the past, men are expected to be financially independent while women, well, they were expected to depend on men for money.

What has this got to do with gambling? A lot. If you do not have your own money, how can you spend any on gambling? What the husbands gave their wives were money for the house; naturally, they were not given any allowance for their gambling expenses. On the other hand, the men who earn the money of course can spend the rest of their salary on gambling.

The as decades go by, women joined the work force and earned money for themselves, However, their wages and their profession were lower than the men's wages and professions. In this way, men have more money for gambling than the women do.

At present, the income of men and women are becoming equal with respect to one another. Both sexes are having more equal opportunities at gambling.

Not only are the women becoming more financially able, but also the gambling world has become more open to them. There is a great number of casinos at present, and naturally each of these casinos would like to get more clients than the others. This is whys they want to attract not only the men but also the women to the world of gambling.

Because of this turn of events, the women have also become more probable to suffer problem gambling. They become addicted to slot machines, unlike their male counter parts who are addicted to table gambling games.