The ones who do gamble online do it secretly in their home privacy, online casinos have raised the popularity of gambling in Italy but it's still poor. Recently the Italy government offered to legalize gambling in the state in order to attract tourists to travel to the country after the tourism in the country in the recent years was low.

The legalization might bring out from the closet many gamblers that were ashamed until now. If the government approve gambling and see it as something positive it will help bring gambling and casinos into consensus.

Meanwhile the Italian gambler can travel to different countries in Europe where gambling is legal and gamble at the best casinos around. The Europe's casinos looks almost as Las Vegas' casinos, most of them are very luxurious and with many hotel rooms and shows that makes the gambling experience to something you never experienced before. So don't be afraid if you love to gamble, express your love and come to gamble at the best casinos in Europe and in the best online casinos the net has to offer. Don't stay behind, look to the future now.